新闻稿 2016/09/15. Goch,德国

Europe’s fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer announced today that its Safety Bitumen Tanker has won the industry’s one of the most prestigious awards, Trailer Innovation 2017, in recognition of Kässbohrer’s safety concept and its implementation of innovative technologies for bitumen tankers that contribute to safer and more efficient operation.

Kässbohrer拥有Kässbohrer安全沥青罐车,K.Sts.f 32,通过与Hoyer Bitumen-Logistik GmbH,Hoyer Group的德国沥青运输子公司的德国沥青运输子公司之一移动液体中的一个德国沥青运输子公司。


安装在K.STS.F 32上的电子放电自动化系统,以及附加安全功能不仅可以保护驱动器,避免可能的永久性伤害,它也增加了操作现场和设备的安全性。结果是更安全的工作条件,较低的风险,以提高所有权总值和较低的运营成本。

“Kässbohrer’s commitment to innovation in the semi-trailer engineering, which shaped the company’s spirit from the very beginning, continues to contribute in improving the safety and the efficiency in the transport industry and this award is a valuable proof of it,” said Kässbohrer’s Executive Board Member İffet Türken. “The award also confirms the success of our policy of engaging in long-term partnerships with industry constituents to ensure sustainability and to provide added value to the transport industry.”